Growing Resilience and Food Security in a Changing Climate.

With a vision to make Ukraine a significant player in the global biomethane market, the company aims to capitalize on the country’s abundant agricultural land and raw materials.

Our mission goes beyond diversifying Ukraine’s energy mix and reducing its dependence on natural gas imports. We are committed to enhancing the nation’s energy security and independence. We aspire to serve as a bridge between Western European partners, such as energy companies, investors, and public workers, and Ukrainian energy producers. Through facilitating secure financial arrangements and fostering strong partnerships, we aim to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

The impact of ReGenerativeAgro’s business is multi-faceted. On one hand, it contributes to environmental sustainability by providing a renewable fuel alternative. On the other hand, it stimulates economic growth. The company aims to create economic opportunities by attracting investments, stimulating green jobs, and generating revenue from the export of biomethane and bioLNG, a valuable and in-demand renewable energy product. Moreover, the production of biomethane generates fertilizers as a byproduct, enhancing the country’s agriculture and export.

Overall, ReGenerativeAgro is at the forefront of a transformative shift towards a more sustainable and self-reliant energy future for Ukraine.


ReGenerativeAgro is a pioneering company focused on unlocking Ukraine’s immense potential for biomethane production.


ReGenerativeAgro is a part of the Green Resilience Facility 4 Ukraine (GRF4UA) Portfolio.


Chain of biomethane stations

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services encompassing the design, implementation, and development of regenerative agriculture and energy projects in Ukraine, providing sustainable solutions that drive economic growth while incorporating advanced technologies, international investment, and local expertise to revolutionize traditional farming and energy practices.

Ukraine’s Biomethane Potential


With all the possible improvements in industrial production, expansion of the raw material base, and the transition from solid waste disposal to the use of mechanical and biological treatment technology, in 2050, the total production potential of biogas and biomethane in Ukraine may increase to 17 billion m3/year.

Transportation and storage

The well-developed GTS and GDS require no additional investment to inject biomethane into the gas system of Ukraine.

Electricity production

Of the 77 biogas plants in Ukraine with a total capacity of 135 MWe, 31 plant produces 32.4 MWe of LFG.

Replacement of natural gas

Biomethane production in Ukraine can play a crucial role in the replacement of natural gas with a renewable and sustainable alternative.

Industrial growth

In 2019-2021, Ukraine’s biogas sector grew by 77% annually, with the installed capacity of biogas plants reaching 135 MWe in 2021.

Public transport

The use of biomethane in public road, water, and rail transport can help resolve the air pollution issue in large cities.

BioLNG export

The produced biomethane can be refined and upgraded to meet the specifications required for liquefaction into bioLNG.

We believe that trust and shared values are cornerstones of long-lasting cooperation, which fosters a collective impact

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